Darkened by too many shattered dreams, Groomsridge takes our heroine, Margaret (Maggie) Ellison, from the deprivation of childhood, through the physical and emotional tumult of her teens, into the nightmare of an abusive marriage. Endlessly unfulfilled days compel her to forsake familial ties and seek the imagined spiritual completeness of a solitary life. A change of continent brings light to dispell the darkness and hope through a romantic and pivotal counterpoint. Her prince satisfies a treasured dream. But it is what happens after the shoe fits, that rivets the reader, as the plot explodes beneath conflicting facets of love; faith, trust, and familial bonding. Groomsridge examines one woman’s progression away from the constraints of our hyper-connected age into a softer world where love is understood and accepted. Lush and long, Groomsridge is alive with sensual descriptions, tender moments of familial compassion, and intense drama that are melded into an intellectually gratifying exploration of current issues and events. Groomsridge whisks the reader into its story. It places authentic and believable characters into compellingly credible yet extraordinary situations. Groomsridge is much more than a love story, it is a story about what it means to love. (Kindle Edition Available)

The Millennialists
The Millennialists, the second novel by Emma Spencer Chapman, promises a compelling romp into and through the possible. The story takes Lucy Warren and four friends on a journey into destiny. Certain that cynicism and negativity are degrading the human spirit and destroying human civility, Lucy captures and tames a metaphysical hypothesis long disparaged by western Judeo-Christian cultures as the stuff of crackpots or saints. Akin to the dark matter eluding contemporary physicists, Lucy calls it “personal fusion.” This power of conscious thought, harnessed and focused, becomes the weapon-of-choice in her crusade to realign the global market place with universal good. Risking ridicule, exploitation, incarceration, even assassination, Lucy targets the telecommunications juggernaut and its financial substructure the New York Stock Exchange. Moving briskly through several summertime weeks, the story transports Lucy and her “Millennialists” from the storms off North Carolina’s Outer Banks to the even greater instability of megalithic New York City. Paralyzing the stock market and achieving a benchmark victory yields a heady omnipotence. But the bond of kinship and shared destiny that lured them into this quixotic quest is subverted by this early success. The reemergence of ego and fear displaces newfound faith and causes dissension within the group. Geoff Mayerbrook, CIO of the Global Broadcasting Company offers love on the physical plane, and causes Lucy to recognize that the evil she loathes, as well as the world healing she desires, spring from the very same source. Within this pivotal paradox, Lucy's enemy becomes her only ally. Credible situations, dusted with incredible possibilities, propel this spiritual adventure forward to its enigmatic conclusion. The reader is invited to investigate the real power of a single human thought; to suspend disbelief… and believe. The action, adventure, and romance of The Millennialists reminds us that the power to determine our destiny is ours: We have met the Savior, and He is Us. (Kindle Edition Available)

Loving Liberty
This generational saga chronicles the lives and loves of three "Boomer" sisters as they explore "liberty" with both a capital and lowercase "L." Release date 2015


Emma Spencer Chapman (a.k.a. E.S. Chapman) is a new voice in cross-genre fiction. She lives to write in the San Francisco Bay Area.