The Association Tool

The Association Tool™ (TAT) is software intended to assist teachers as they integrate state mandated subject area standards into long range planning documents, or into single unit plans. The tool is functional on either Mac or PC. It provides a systematic method for disaggregation of K-12 education standards into previously determined Big Questions (a.k.a. Essential Questions, Big Ideas).

TAT can import U.S. state and Common Core standards from computer-readable files. The Achievement Standards Network (ASN) provides these files to educators at no charge. TAT is able to download the files from the Internet without the use of a web browser.

Download The Association Tool for Mac.

Download The Association Tool for Windows.

Developed through use of The Association Tool and based on Common Core and other California Content Standards availble in 2012, this 5th grade, fully integrated curriculum plan, constructed around Big Questions (a.k.a. Big Ideas, Essential Questions) provides a pacing guide for an entire year. Feel free to download and use it. There is a "nutshell" version of this same plan that correlates locally available classroom resources and teaching materials. Download it as well.

Teachers often need assistance in the development of Big Questions/Big Ideas that are developmentally appropriate for the lower grades and that correlate to Common Core or other state content standards. Here is a summary list of Big Ideas/Big Questions, with some few content integration ideas, that has been prepared for teachers K - 4th grades. Download it here.

I have often been asked about the developmental readiness of students for Design Thinking. When scaffolded appropriately, even pre-schoolers can begin to extend their curiosity and creativity through this process. Here is a summary list of some Design Challenge ideas for grades Pre-K through 8. Feel free to download it here. The Desing Thinking process is explained on the Stanford website, during several of my workshop presentations, as well as in my forthcoming book Classroom for the Conceptual Age: A Developmental Approach to Design Thinking.

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