Integrated Exploratory for the 21st Century, or IE21, offers an extended menu of consultation and professional development opportunities for public, private, and charter schools in the area of curriculum design and implementation. We also support educational software start-up companies that are preparing tools and applications for educational settings.

The 21st Century requires updated instructional strategies that motivate and engage students; strategies that leverage student capability for innovation. Emphasizing a curricular structure that accentuates creativity, curiosity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking within the context of essential questions, IE21 consultants work with your professional staff as they integrate the discreet standards of the Common CORE into daily pedagogical practice. Our workshops and consultation services provide hands-on demonstration and opportunities for active application. Participants build important curricular connections that promote retention and transfer of knowledge for their students.

Our menu of options can be adjusted to suit each site. Individuals or groups of teachers or administrators, entire school districts, and software R & D teams are welcome. The Design Thinking workshops can be modified to support and encourage critical thinking in K-12 student groups.

The IE21 program continues to thrive, real time, at one San Francisco Bay area incubator site. Contact us to visit and observe 21st Century Learning at the Ventana School.

See what we can do in your school.